"concoction of sangria and punch"

A glass of red wine sangria
Creative Commons Attribution Share AlikeA glass of red wine sangria - Credit: Evan Swigart
Sangria is a popular alcoholic drink of Spain, Portugal and Argentina. It is a wine-based punch, made with wine (usually red), a sweetener (such as orange juice, honey or sugar), chopped fruit and sometimes a dash of brandy. Sangria is commonly served cooled in pitchers as a refreshing summer drink. Try a recipe here.

Punch is a generic term used to describe a wide range of drinks which may or may not be alcoholic. The one thing that they usually have in common is that they are fruit-based, either through the use of fruit juice, chopped fruits or both. Punch is a popular drink for parties, in which it is often served in wide, deep bowls called, simply, punch bowls. A huge variety of punch recipes are available, for all occasions and tastes.