"my gift keeps you safe from the evil eye"

Talismans to protect against the evil eye
GNU Free Documentation LicenseTalismans to protect against the evil eye - Credit: FocalPoint
The evil eye is a belief commonly held across many cultures, in particular the Middle East, East and West Africa, Central and South Asia and the Mediterranean. It is believed that some people (often said to ‘hold’ the evil eye) are able to inflict a curse, bad luck or pain on others simply by looking at them in envy or dislike. The evil eye can be directed at anyone at any time, usually when they are unaware.

Talismans, also called nazars, are commonly used to ward off the evil eye, and these have become popular souvenirs amongst tourists to these areas. Talismans vary, but an oft-recurring theme is that of a blue pendant with circles of light blue, white and dark blue within it to represent an eye. These, when worn or hung outside a house, are believed to protect the wearer or occupant from the evil eye or even turn the curse back on the evil-wisher.