"the local olive oil industry"

A bottle of olive oil
GNU Free Documentation LicenseA bottle of olive oil - Credit: Alex Ex
Olive trees in Thassos, Greece
Creative Commons Attribution Share AlikeOlive trees in Thassos, Greece - Credit: Petr Pakandl
Italy is the world’s second-largest producer of olive oil after Spain. Whilst most of the country’s oil is produced in Puglia, Tuscany – especially Lucca – is also at the heart of Italy’s olive oil industry. Many small farmyards in the Tuscan hills grow and produce olives and oil and Bertolli, one of the world’s leading manufacturers of oil and olive-based spreads, was founded in the town.

The Italian olive oil industry is, this year, undergoing investigation as it has recently been discovered that some producers selling ‘extra virgin’ olive oil have actually been mixing it with cheap imports, making it far less pure.