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Page 230. " overlooking Green Park "
Narcissi in Green Park
GNU Free Documentation LicenseNarcissi in Green Park - Credit: ChrisO
Canada Gate, the southern entrance to Green Park
Public DomainCanada Gate, the southern entrance to Green Park - Credit: Jordan 1972
  Green Park is one of London’s Royal Parks, in the centre of the city, bordered by Piccadilly, Constitution Hill and Queen’s Walk. It meets St James’s Park opposite the entrance to Buckingham Palace and The Mall.

Originally a swamp-like marsh used as a burial ground, the park was enclosed in the 16th century and made a Royal Park by Charles II. John Nash landscaped the grounds in 1820 but, unlike some of London’s other parks, it consists entirely of mature trees and narcissus flowers – a natural parkland. There are no lakes, buildings and only a scattering of monuments including the Canada Memorial, which honours the Canadian soldiers killed during the World Wars.