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Page 217. " she walked past St James Palace "
The main Tudor entrance to St James's Palace
Creative Commons AttributionThe main Tudor entrance to St James's Palace - Credit: Tony Hisgett
  St James’s Palace, on Pall Mall in London, is one of England’s ancient palaces and an official residence of the monarchy. Built for Henry VIII between 1531 and 1536, it was constructed in a red brick Tudor style, the gateway of which still remains. Up until the reign of George III in the early 19 th century, St James’s Palace was one of the main residences of the monarchy in London, but in 1809 part of it was destroyed by fire and the building declined in importance as Buckingham Palace was built. Today it retains its role as the main administrative centre for the monarchy and is the working home to the staff of many of the royals, including Princes Harry and William and the Duchess of Cambridge.