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Page 103. " the Apennine Mountains as its backdrop "
                                                              Pietra di Bismantova (500 * 277)
GNU Free Documentation LicensePietra di Bismantova in the Tuscan Apennines - Credit: Paolo da Reggio

The Apennine Mountains are a chain crossing over 1000km of peninsular Italy, from the Alps in the north-west to Calabria on the coast in the south. The name is thought to derive from the Celtic ‘Penn’, meaning ‘mountain’. The highest peak is Como Grande (Big Horn) at 2,912m (9,554 ft) which has the only glacier in the range – the rest of the mountains are largely green and verdant. The Abruzzo National Park is found in the Central Apennines and the mountains are criss-crossed by a number of walking trails, including European Walking Route E1 and the Grand Italian Trail, both of which traverse the entire range.