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Page 2. " Still, this was Marrakech "
Marrakech's Bab Agnou Gate
Creative Commons Attribution Share AlikeMarrakech's Bab Agnou Gate - Credit: Lionel Leo
  Marrakech (population approximately 1 million) is the third largest city in Morocco and one of the country’s most famous and important urban settlements. Set up as an imperial court in the early 11 th century, Marrakech was once the capital of Morocco and remains an important cultural and economic centre of the country.

Sometimes called the 'Ochre City', at the centre of Marrakech is the ancient walled city (medina) which includes Djemaa el Fna, one of the world’s busiest squares. The souk in Marrakech is the largest traditional market in Morocco and an important Berber trading centre. The city has a large international population and is much-visited by tourists from across the world.

A panorama of the bustling square Djemaa el Fna
Public DomainA panorama of the bustling square Djemaa el Fna - Credit: Ori