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Page 89. " the Italian equivalent of Transylvania "
Sirnea in Transylvania
GNU Free Documentation LicenseSirnea in Transylvania - Credit: Lenard denes

 Transylvania is a large historical area of countryside in the centre of Romania, bounded by the Carpathian and Apuseni Mountains. Throughout history it has fallen under the reign of numerous rulers but has retained its traditions and unique characteristics. The area has a population of around 7.2 million and its economy relies on its rich mineral deposits as well as tourism.

Transylvania is famed for its beauty – mountains, castles and forests abound – and also for its associations with vampires, as the setting of Bram Stoker’s Dracula. At the same time, many areas of Transylvania are quiet, remote hamlets steeped in history and a traditional agricultural way of life.


Dracula on Book Drum