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The walls and cathedral tower of San Miniato
GNU Free Documentation LicenseThe walls and cathedral tower of San Miniato - Credit: Prof.Quatermass
  San Miniato (population 28,000) is a hilltop town not far from Pisa in Tuscany. The town has existed certainly since Etruscan times, if not longer, and became very important in the Roman period due to its location on three major trade and communication routes: between Florence and Pisa, Lucca and Siena, and Rome and Northern Europe. Not just traders and travellers passed through the town but armies as well – it was therefore fortified as a defensive town, with high walls, towers and a moat. The medieval towers, churches and palaces of the town are well-preserved and much-visited.

The countryside around San Miniato is home to valuable white truffles which are harvested and celebrated every year in an annual truffle festival, held for three weeks in November.