On holiday in Morocco with her work-obsessed husband Peter, Isobel is rescued by a handsome stranger from a threatening situation in the souk. Jay, her saviour, is a British entrepreneur. He tempts Isobel with the offer of a slice of paradise in the new timeshare venture he is setting up in the beautiful Tuscan countryside. Frustrated with her imperfect marriage, Isobel is transfixed, not just by Jay’s proposal but by the man himself.

Back in England, Isobel and Peter learn more about the Italian property development whilst Jay convinces an old university friend, Andy, to invest much of his money into building the timeshare. Isobel spends increasing amounts of time thinking about and discussing her new obsession with her best friend Maria, a woman who sees nothing wrong in indulging herself with a boyfriend in another country. Unbeknownst to them, however, the married Jay is continuing an affair with Lucy, an attractive air stewardess who expects him to leave his wife for her.

After a fruitless search for an apartment in Tuscany, Peter and Isobel visit Jay’s timeshare development in the small village of Castello di Capadelli, and are persuaded to buy a luxurious holiday home. Isobel takes advantage of Peter’s long business trips to begin a passionate affair with Jay, finding her appetite for him insatiable and uncovering new feelings which she had never thought possible before. As his life becomes more and more intertwined with Isobel’s, Jay begins to neglect Lucy, prompting an attention-seeking visit by her to his children’s sports day.

Scared that his wife and mistresses will discover his infidelities, Jay becomes increasingly caught in a web of lies. Meanwhile the timeshare owners begin to realise that they have been conned and start to threaten the property developers with legal action. In a misjudged manoeuvre, Jay offers Peter the chance to invest in the property. Instantly suspicious, Peter begins to investigate and discovers Jay’s secret tax evasion and fraudulent dealings related to Castello di Capadelli as well as earlier hidden episodes of his life.

While Peter uncovers Jay’s secret business dealings, Isobel discovers his affair with Lucy. Hurt and angry, she agrees to help Peter bring Jay down – a shared goal which brings husband and wife closer together and makes Isobel realise how much she has to be grateful for. Attacked by his mistress, business partner and tenants, Jay finds himself fighting from a tight corner, with only his charm to rely on and ever fewer places to run.