"She have eyes like zombie and you have eyes like zombie too"

The concept of the zombie is integral to Wide Sargasso Sea. In 'The Glittering Coronet of the Isles', the book that Rochester finds at Granbois, a zombie is an integral part of belief in obeah, and is 'a dead person who seems to be alive or a living person who is dead', a statement which bears similarities to Antoinette's belief in there being two deaths, the real, or spiritual, one, and the one 'everyone knows about': physical death. According to West Indian Voodoo, a dead person can be revived by a sorcerer, who will then give this zombie a new name. From that point on the zombie is enslaved to the sorcerer. When Rochester starts referring to Antoinette as Bertha she says 'that's obeah too'.