"offer up all the prayers, works and sufferings of this day"

Creative Commons AttributionDevotion - Credit: millicent_bystander, Flickr
The line is from the prayer of morning offering.

In the Roman Catholic church, the Morning Offering is a prayer said upon waking in order to consecrate the day to Jesus.

The morning offering was popularised in the Catholic Church by Fr. Francois Xavier Gaulrelet and his movement, the Apostleship of Prayer, founded in 1844, although it had existed beforehand. Despite the anachronous dates, Antoinette appears to be reciting Fr. Francois Xavier Gaulrelet's Morning Offering to the Sacred Heart:

O Jesus, I offer You my prayers, works, and sufferings of this day for all the intentions of Your Most Sacred Heart. Amen.

During the mid-twentieth century, a nun wrote to Pope Pius XII pointing out that the prayer's exclusion of the concept of joy was not very Christian, and the prayer was changed to 'our prayers, works, joys and suffering'.

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