"If she lives near you and gets up to any of her nonsense let him know at once"

There were (and still are) strict laws against the practice of obeah in the Caribbean (although now they are not heavily enforced, and the penalties are far less severe). The Jamaican Slave Laws of 1760, passed after the Tacky slave rebellion, attacked obeah men and women (who, as community leaders, often led slave revolts) and declared:

any Negro or other Slave who shall pretend to any Supernatural Power and be detected in making use of any Blood, Feathers, Parrots Beaks, Dogs Teeth, Alligators Teeth, broken Bottles, Grave Dirt, Rum, Egg-shells or any other materials relating to the practice of Obeah or Witchcraft in order to delude or impose upon the Minds of others shall upon Conviction thereof before two Magistrates and three Freeholders suffer Death or Transportation.