"I heard someone say something about bad luck and remembered that it was very unlucky to kill a parrot, or even see a parrot die."

In the beliefs that surround obeah, witches, vampires and ghosts were often believed to be able to transform themselves into birds, including parrots. Parrot beaks were used in obeah rituals.

Janette Martin writes inĀ 'Jablesses, Sourcriants, Loups-garous: Obeah as an alternative epistemology in the writing of Jean Rhys and Jamaica Kincaid':

The parrot appears time and again in Obeah as a figure that is potentially powerful either as an instrument in conjuring or as a part of transformation in the human animal exchange

Carole Angier writes that 'the parrot is associated in many myths, and perhaps in obeah, with the soul'.