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Page 46. " St Pierre, Martinique "
Remains of St Pierre, 1902
Public DomainRemains of St Pierre, 1902 - Credit: Angelo Heilprin

As the text says, the 'Paris of the West Indies'.

Much of French trade went through St Pierre, so it was ahead of the rest of the Caribbean in keeping up with French fashions. A successful trading port, its inhabitants could afford the finest clothes and European pleasures: it had a theatre modelled on the theatre in Bordeaux, and landscaped parks. Even its black population was reported to exude Gallic charm. According to a 1902 eulogy for the lost city, they were:

of the best class of negros, most of them having been educated in the schools of Paris

The city was completely destroyed by a volcanic eruption in 1902. 30,000 lives were lost.