"the pigeons, Adam, Eve and Kissmequick"

The pigeons' names are taken from an alternative version of a children's rhyme:

   Adam and Eve and Pinchme

   Went down to the river to bathe.

   Adam and Eve were drowned.

   Who do you think was saved?

The rhyme is part of a rather cheeky children's game. One child recites the rhyme, ending with the question 'Who do you think was saved?', in the hope that someone will respond with the answer 'Pinchme'. The unwitting respondent is then set upon by the other children, having inadvertently given them permission to pinch him/her! 'Pinchme' can be replaced by an alternative instruction, with 'Punchme' and 'Kickme' being the more brutal versions, and 'Kissme' being an age-old excuse for little boys to kiss little girls, or vice-versa.