Page 179. " Cassandra plagued by dreams "

Public DomainCassandra - Credit: Evelyn de Morgan
 Cassandra, the daughter of King Priam of Troy, is a character from Greek mythology. The god Apollo grants her the power of prophetic dreams, but when she does not respond to her advances he curses her so that no one will believe her predictions (including the destruction of Troy).

Page 182. " pull an enormous gold Hunter from his waistcoat "

Hunter Pocket Watch
Creative Commons AttributionHunter Pocket Watch - Credit: GollyGforce, Flickr
A Hunter is a type of pocketwatch (a watch on a chain, attached to a belt or waistcoat) with a hinged case to protect the face.

Page 182. " like a Greek at Delphi "

Creative Commons Attribution Share AlikeDelphi - Credit: Luarvick, Wikimedia
 Delphi is a town in Greece, and the site of the Delphic Oracle.


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