Page 126. " Find a way, then! not through that Kirkyard "
Creative Commons Attribution Share AlikeKirkyard - Credit: Rob Farrow

"Kirk" is a Scottish word for church, also used in parts of northern England including Yorkshire. The kirkyard is an important location in the book, being both a place the young Cathy and Heathcliff would go together as well as their final resting place.


Page 150. " labour of Hercules "
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Hercules and the Nemean Lion
Public DomainHercules and the Nemean Lion - Credit: J. C. Andrä
After killing his own children in a fit of madness brought on by the goddess Hera, the Greek hero Heracles (in Latin Hercules) was required to atone with ten near-impossible tasks, including slaying the Lernaean Hydra and capturing the Cretan Bull.  Through a combination of ingenuity, courage and extraordinary strength, he completed all ten labours, but two were discounted.  A further two were added, which he also accomplished.

The Twelve Labours of Heracles