Page 51. " Mr Linton mixed a tumbler of negus "


Public DomainNegus - Credit: Magnus Bredenbek

A negus is a hot drink made of wine (usually port) mixed with hot water and spice. It was named after its creator, Colonel Francis Negus, who first came up with the concoction in the eighteenth century.


Creative Commons AttributionNegus - Credit: drinkingsnapple

Page 64. " he says she's been in a consumption these many months "


Pulmonary tuberculosis symptoms
Public DomainPulmonary tuberculosis symptoms - Credit: Mikael Haggstrom

Consumption was the name used at the time to describe pulmonary tuberculosis. The name derived from the impression that the disease was consuming the victim from the inside out.

Symptoms include a prolonged cough, weight loss and coughing blood. Without treatment, tuberculosis is fatal in up to 50% of cases.  The Bacillus Calmette-Guérin vaccine is now 80% effective in preventing infection.

Emily Brontё herself died of consumption at the age of 30.  Her sister Anne and brother Branwell also died of the disease.

Mimi's death from Consumption ends La Bohème by Giacomo Puccini


Page 69. " Joseph is loading lime "
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Spreading Lime
Creative Commons AttributionSpreading Lime - Credit: Mark Robinson
Lime is calcium carbonate, used in agriculture to counter the acidity of some soils.  It is made by crushing limestone or chalk. 

Lime was used across much of Yorkshire, and it was brought in on packhorses along tracks known as Limers' Gates.