Annihilation ECS
Also known as ECT (Electroconvulsive Therapy), Annihilation ECS is a controversial medical treatment for mania, depression, and catatonia. It consists of passing an electric current across the cranium, the shock of which produces convulsions which were found to be useful in the tretment of schizophrenia. ECT is known to commonly cause retrograde amnesia as in the case of Phaedrus.
Avoirdupois system
The weights system used in the USA from 1866 until 1959
The part of an engine which mixes air and fuel
The act of making an ethically based argument using a specific example
A set of two opposing ideas brought into modern philosophy by Hegel
Gibbous Moon
This is when the moon is more than half visible
The sense that detects bodily movement
A Koan is a question-like story used often in Zen teachings. Its purpose is often to avoid rational thinking – given that to understand a Koan one must employ non-rational thinking. An often quoted example of a Koan in the West is ‘What’s the sound of one hand clapping?’
A newcomer to a social class who has yet to be accepted
The name comes from Aristotle’s alleged habit of walking while debating.
Quonset Hut
A large prefabricated structure used in the US army during the Second World War. They were made of corrugated steel and were semi-circular in shape
The belief that signified things exist independently of consciousness
The idea that we cannot know anything outside of our own consciousness.
RPM gauge