"once blackened under the fagots lit for Latimer and Ridley"

Hugh Latimer (c.1487-1555) and Nicholas Ridley (c.1500-1555) were Protestant bishops, executed by burning on Broad Street in Oxford during the reign of Mary I (1516-1558).  Also executed in the same place, six months later, was Thomas Cranmer, the Archbishop of Canterbury.


Ironically, both Latimer and Ridley were educated at Cambridge University. Many of the intellectuals who supported the English Reformation from Catholicism to Protestantism were products of Cambridge, while the committed Catholic, Queen Mary, had been largely schooled by tutors from the more traditional University of Oxford. For example, the Catholic martyr, Thomas More (1478-1535), was among the men who shaped Mary’s education. More had attended Oxford, and was executed during the reign of Mary’s father, Henry VIII (1491-1547).