The Book Drum Team


Webmaster: Mark Negus

Mark has been experimenting with computers for nearly 30 years, working on projects as diverse as the London Stock Exchange and Big Brother voting. Mark is also CTO of Bike Rental Manager.

Favourite books include Snow Crash and anything by P.G. Wodehouse.


Mark Negus


Editor: Hector Macdonald

Hector is the author of bestseller The Mind Game, The Storm Prophet and The Hummingbird Saint.  He grew up on the coast of Kenya, and has worked as an English teacher, wildlife reserve gofer and business strategist.

Favourite books include English Passengers, The Poisonwood Bible, Cloud Atlas, The Goneaway World, The Line of Beauty, Bel Canto and The Quiet American


Legal & Business: George Pennock

George has spent most of his career helping entrepreneurs fund and develop their ideas.  He is a partner at Saphir Capital Partners, a private equity investment and advisory firm, where he manages the London office.  He is also a non-executive director of Molinare, the film and broadcast post production facility based in Soho.

Favourite books include The Leopard, The End of the Affair, I Claudius, If this is a Man and For whom the Bell Tolls.


 George 2