Copyright Policy


Book Drum is committed to respecting and protecting intellectual property rights.  We take all reasonable measures to ensure that Contributors only upload material of their own creation or for which they have appropriate licence or permission.



Users may view material published on Book Drum free of charge, but may not reproduce Contributors' work for commercial use.  Images published on Book Drum may be reproduced freely only if they are in the public domain.  Images published under GNU or Creative Commons licences may be reproduced according to the terms of the licence.  Copyright images may not be downloaded, copied or reproduced except by permission of the original copyright holder.



Book Drum is a free resource enabling Contributors all over the world to upload material about their favourite books.  Our Contributor Terms and our Contributor Guidelines make clear that infringement of copyright is not permitted and will not be tolerated by Book Drum.  Text should be predominantly the Contributor's own words, and images must be in the public domain or licensed for use on Book Drum.

We kindly ask Users, Contributors and copyright-holders to alert us if they become aware of any case of copyright infringement on Book Drum, by writing to  We will remove the items immediately, pending investigation.



Publishers may not include links to Book Drum pages in ebook publications without the written permission of Book Drum Ltd.  Please contact if you would like to include bookmark links in a publication.