One Month To Go

"Since I've started using Book Drum," observes Rebecca on Facebooks Book Drum discussion board, "as I'm reading books I start noticing things that would make good bookmarks - or alternatively thinking how amazing it'll be when you can read a book along with the online profile. Anyone else noticed this or is it just me and my obsessiveness?"
This may become an occupational hazard for Book Drum Contributors: the need to read with pencil in hand, just in case we spot an interesting passage that deserves a bookmark. And the good news is that soon you'll be able to contribute individual bookmarks for any title you like. You can dip in and out of profiles, adding a photograph here, a map there, an explanation or a theory or anything you like! And right now we're working on the software to make sure that each contribution, however small, gets credited to you and listed on your personal Contributor page.

The final furlong

There's just one month to go now, and it's a short month at that. You have four weeks left to polish your masterpieces before they go to the judges. We've seen some impressive submissions already but there are a lot of really interesting profiles still in development. You've unearthed surprising, enchanting, shocking, illuminating and entertaining material that we can't wait to share with all of you after the Tournament. Keep up the good work!
A few Contributors have yet to try adding images and links ? please log on today and make sure you are comfortable with the process. We're here to provide all the technical and editorial support you need, but if you leave it to the last minute we may not be able to get to you in time. Contact if you have any questions.

Image Credits

The most common error we're seeing in submitted profiles is the omission of image credits. Please remember that all GNU and Creative Commons images must be attributed: you must state the Copyright Owner's name on the Image Upload form. See the Image Guide for step-by-step guidance on how to locate the name of the Copyright Owner in Flickr and Wikimedia Commons. As a general rule, please try to provide a URL and owner/creator credit for all images, even those in the Public Domain.


Wonderful as it is, Spotify is not available in many countries. If you can't access it, consider a YouTube video instead. Most modern songs are available as music videos, and a lot of classical and jazz tracks can be found on YouTube, often with some unimaginative image as wallpaper.
We have a limited number of invitations for Spotify. Contact if you need one.
If you are unable to use Spotify or find a suitable YouTube video, make a note of the music in a bookmark and we will insert it for you.

New Years Tweet

Thank you to everyone who RT'd our New Year's tweet. Book Drum has donated £12 to the Wikimedia Foundation. If you would like to support Wikipedia, you can donate here.

Book Drum widget

Thank you also to everyone who added our widget to their blogs and websites. Here's the code again:

Book Drum

And finally...

Many of you have written to say how interested and excited you are by what Book Drum has set out to do. We're already building the next phase, developing the means to display bookmarks one at a time, and incorporating a page in each profile for authors to comment on their own books. But we would love to hear any suggestions you have. What else would you like to see on Book Drum? What other functionality can we offer? Email your ideas to
Good luck, and thanks for taking part
The Book Drum Team