Tournament Judges Announced

If you have plans for this weekend, cancel them. If your Internet connection is playing up, move house. If the family's distracting you, send them abroad. In just ten days, the Book Drum Tournament closes, and we know you'll want to spend every minute until then polishing your profile to perfection!

The Judges

The £2,000 of prizes will be awarded by three fantastic authors:

Kate Williams

A renowned historian, Kate has written biographies of Queen Victoria [Becoming Queen, Hutchinson 2008] and Emma Hamilton [England's Mistress, Hutchinson 2006]. Kate regularly appears on radio and TV, and writes for The Telegraph and The Independent. England's Mistress is currently being developed both as a movie and as a stage musical.

Sam Mills

Under various names, Sam has published eight novels, but she is best known for her edgy and thought-provoking Young Adult books: Blackout (Faber, 2010), The Boys Who Saved the World (Faber, 2007), and A Nicer Way to Die (Faber, 2006). The Boys who Saved the World, which tells the story of a group of teenagers driven by their new cultish religion to kidnap a "terrorist" girl, is being developed as a movie (Trailer).

Matthew Plampin

With a PhD from the Courtauld Institute of Art, Matthew has always taken a strongly research-driven approach to his beautifully detailed historical novels. The Street Philosopher (HarperCollins 2009) tells the story of a young journalist sent to cover the Crimean War in all its vivid brutality, while The Gun-Maker's Gift (HarperCollins 2010) is a tense novel of intrigue set in the new London pistol factory of Colonel Samuel Colt.

The judges will not be given your names, usernames, or any other personal data. They will award the prizes to the best profiles based on the following criteria: Relevance, Integrity, Conciseness, Quality, Richness, Style, Completeness, and Educational/Interest/Entertainment Value.

Last Minute Help

We're here to help with any technical or editorial difficulties you may experience. Please contact

If You Don't Finish...

Some brave Contributors have taken on epic books quite late in the day. We really hope you'll complete your profile and qualify for the Tournament, but if you can't make the deadline don't worry. You can continue working on the profile in March. You won't win a prize, but we will still take your profile into consideration when looking for Contributors to help us build Book Drum further. And of course your contribution will be fully credited.

What Happens Next?

The Tournament closes at 11pm GMT on Sunday 28 February. Please submit your profile before the deadline. Any profiles that have not been submitted will be reviewed by us, and may be put forward to the judges if, in our view, they are complete.

Incomplete profiles will remain editable, should you wish to continue building them.

We will announce the Tournament results on the Book Drum homepage on 31 March, and will email prize-winners individually. Prizes will be paid by bank transfer or cheque in April. The winning profiles will be available for view on the site from the beginning of April. Other high-quality profiles will be made available over the subsequent weeks.

Thank you again for taking part - and good luck!

The Book Drum Team