Tournament Winners

This is a very exciting week for Book Drum.  Not only have we at last learnt who has won the Tournament, but the prize-winning profiles are now published for all the world to read.  Having gone months with only four example titles on display, it’s wonderful to see these seven extraordinary profiles where they belong, free for book-lovers, school kids, literature students and the intellectually curious to browse at length. 

And “at length” is right: there are hundreds of webpages of remarkable material here.  Glance through them, and you will come away with all kinds of new ideas and knowledge; read the books with the profiles to hand, and your understanding and appreciation of some very special texts will be immeasurably enhanced.  Profiles

But don’t delay, because these seven profiles are just a taster of what’s to come.  You have done incredible work over the winter, and 96 completed profiles were submitted to the Tournament.  We’ve been editing these throughout March, and we will start publishing them in a fortnight.  We will feature one new profile on the homepage every other day, so please be patient if you don’t see yours for a while.  When it comes, it will hold the limelight for a solid two days – that’s got to be worth the wait!


New Features on Book Drum

You will notice a few new elements when you revisit the site:

Bookmark Credits – Every bookmark is now labelled with the username of the Contributor who created it.  This may not seem important now, but we will soon be opening up profiles to other Contributors.  These credits will allow you to keep track of who created what.  As many of the bookmarks are individual works of art in their own right, attribution is going to be very important.  We will be extending the credit system to Setting places and reviews (you’ll soon be able to add your own book reviews to other Contributors’ profiles).

Bookmark Flags – These will allow you to alert us to cases of copyright infringement, broken links, factual error etc…  We haven’t tested the system fully yet, so for the moment please contact us directly on if you spot any serious problems in the (unedited) published profiles.

Contributor Pages – If you click the bookmark credits, you’ll come to the Contributors’ personal pages.  You all have one of these, and you will be able to edit it and upload an image via “My Page” on the My Account page.  It’s not ready yet – we’ll be making it look a lot better – but you can already write something about yourself and add that alluring portrait.

News Page – We’ll do our best to keep this regularly updated.  Newsletters will be filed here.


The Prize-Winners

Many congratulations to:

Victoria Hooper – The Odyssey     (first prize)


Christopher Brocklebank – Good Morning, Midnight     (second prize)


Tim Kelleher – Don Quixote


Malika Browne – Speak, Memory


David Loftus – Something Wicked This Way Comes


Johanna Trew – In Search of Lost Time (Vol.1)


Geoff Mills – Cloud Atlas

You’ll find them all on the Tournament page.


And finally…

Now that you’ve seen how good the new profiles look, we hope you’ll feel inspired to take on another title (or finish the last!).  If there’s a book you love, now’s the time to claim it.  You are no longer limited to Book Drum’s preferred list, and if you’re a published author we would welcome a profile of your own book. 

Many of the submitted profiles showed tremendous talent and passion for books, which we hope you will continue to share with the Book Drum community.