The 2011 Book Drum Tournament


Just over a year ago we launched Book Drum with a simple white website and four sample profiles.  Not much to shout about, but that modest beginning was enough to encourage several hundred of you to enter the first Book Drum Tournament and devote a great deal of energy to building some fantastic profiles.  We remain extremely grateful for the faith you put in us when we were still a brand new, unproven site.

A year on, and Book Drum looks very different, with a professional design, over a hundred published profiles, and commendations from authors as distinguished as Khaled Hosseini, Anne Rice, Sarah Waters and Paulo Coelho.  Seven Contributors have shared £2,000 in prizes; eight have been commissioned to create and edit further profiles on the strength of their Tournament entries.  Moreover, students, teachers and readers all over the world now benefit daily from the wealth of material on the site.  So, with a much stronger foundation than first time round, we are pleased to announce the second Book Drum Tournament…


The 2011 Tournament

First Prize: £1,000

Second Prize: £500

Third Prize: £250

5 Runner-Up Prizes: £100

The Tournament opens on 5 January 2011, and we hope everyone will take part.  If you didn’t win a prize last year, have a look at the entries that did to get an idea of what impressed the judges: The Odyssey; Good Morning Midnight; Don Quixote; Cloud Atlas; Speak, Memory; In Search of Lost Time (Vol.1); Something Wicked This Way Comes.  We have deliberately left these profiles unedited. 

To be eligible for a prize, you need to complete a full profile of a mainstream published book, including a Summary, a Review, a Glossary, an illustrated Setting page, a biography of the Author, and a comprehensive set of illustrated Bookmarks. For a guide to building a profile, please see the updated Contributor Guidelines. The deadline for entries is 30 April 2011.

We have provided lists of suggested fiction and non-fiction titles, but you can choose a different book if you prefer.  It should be published by a mainstream publisher, and must be widely available.  Please check your choice with us in case there’s some reason why it might not be suitable:

Only one person may profile any given book.  Where a profile already exists, or is under construction, the book may not be chosen. Check your choice here: Profiles under construction or already published.  Please note that to ensure popular titles are not reserved and left untouched, we may reclaim titles if no significant progress has been made within three weeks.

IMPORTANT:  Profiles already under construction will not be eligible for the Tournament.  You may suspend work on your current profile and pick a new book for the Tournament from 5 January.  Current profiles that have not been started, or which show very little sign of progress, will be deleted on 4 January and the titles made available to Tournament entrants.  If you want to enter the Tournament with a book currently assigned to you, then you may reclaim it from 5 January (12.01am GMT).  We will not advertise the Tournament until 6 January to give registered Contributors first choice of book titles.

Profiles of your own books are not eligible in the Tournament.  Authors may however continue to create and publish profiles of their own titles as usual while the Tournament is running.

The Tournament is open to anyone over 18 other than the winners of the 2010 Tournament’s first and second prizes.  The five runners-up in the 2010 Tournament are free to enter.

The prizes will be awarded by three independent judges.  Results will be announced on 31 May 2011.

Tournament Terms & Conditions


New Profiles Published

Riding the Ice Wind by Alastair Vere Nicoll. Profile by Vincent One

Revolutionary Road by Richard Yates. Profile by Daisy Phillips


Merry Christmas to all!