The biggest profile on Book Drum? War and Peace enters the Tournament



If you're still musing over what book to choose for the 2011 Book Drum Tournament then muse no longer... it's time to decide!  The most popular titles are going fast.  Great Expectations, Jane Eyre, Animal Farm and Emma have all been snapped up, along with modern bestsellers like The Lacuna, The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo, Northern Lights, Any Human Heart and Life of Pi.  Then there are the crazily ambitious choices: War and Peace, Ulysses, The Forsyte Saga... good luck to those brave souls!  And as always, we're seeing some fascinating surprises: The Thirteen and a Half Lives of Captain Bluebear, Dumbing Us Down and Naïve. Super.


Which book to choose?

But there are plenty of great books left.  How about illustrating Moby Dick with historical maps, paintings of old whaleships and video footage of those monsters of the deep?  Or you could explore the 19th century rural Normandy of Madame Bovary.  The Godfather and The Last King of Scotland both offer a great deal of interesting background that didn't make it into the movies.  In non-fiction, the recent memoirs of Tony Blair and George W. Bush both cry out for a rigorous analysis backed up by video and documentary records.  And the latest biographies of Cleopatra, Roosevelt and Washington all offer great opportunity to create magnificently detailed and colourful profiles.  Here's our updated list of recommended titles.

Once you've chosen your book, we strongly advise getting started as soon as you can.  Veterans of Book Drum will know it takes time to complete a profile, so don't be lulled into inactivity by the distant deadline.  Instead, take inspiration from the first contributor to submit a completed entry: her profile of a 20th century Scottish novel looks like a strong contender for one of the eight prizes!


The judges

We've now confirmed three distinguished and prize-winning judges for the 2011 Tournament, and we will reveal their names next week.  As a hint, in case it influences your choice of book, they are:

1.  A journalist and author of historical fiction

2.  A poet, playwright and YA author

3.  A literary fiction author, journalist and creator of online games 


Some great reviews

With the Tournament in progress, we're seeing quite a few very complimentary blogs and reviews of Book Drum appearing.  Thank you to them all.  We'd like to draw particular attention to Jeremy Bauer's article " and the future of the Book", and blogs by Peter Steinberg and Contributor Cynthia Giles.


Please share the fun...

Many of you are keen bloggers and active users of Facebook and Twitter.  Please do let friends and followers know about the Tournament and the £2,250 ($3,500) of cash prizes on offer.  All the details can be found on