Book Drum on the BBC


Tuesday saw a very exciting evening for the Book Drum team as Charlie Brooker's BBC comedy show, How TV Ruined Your Life, ran a 2 minute spoof featuring a new reading device called "Book Drum".  No, it hasn't got anything to do with us, but our hearts were all aflutter to hear our name repeated six forceful times on primetime national TV. 

The clip is here, and is also available on YouTube


With two months to go until the Tournament deadline, we're seeing some wonderful profiles take shape on Book Drum.  Six Contributors have completed their entries, and two of those have boldly moved on to new books for a second shot at the prizes.  As for everyone else...


Who else is out there?

Approximately 260 profiles are now under construction within the Tournament. We expect that number to peak at around 350 profiles. You can see a list of the titles being profiled here (along with our published profiles). Of course, not all of those profiles will be completed, so your odds of winning one of the eight prizes are good!


Like to meet the others?

We'd all love to hear how you're getting on.  You can post messages about your progress (or lack of!) on our Facebook wall. Or send us a tweet at @bookdrum and we'll retweet it.


Still looking for a book to profile?

We've now released a number of popular titles:


A Farewell to Arms; Lolita; The God Delusion; Memoirs of a Geisha

Of Mice and Men; A Child Called "It"; Bright Lights, Big City

The Shining; Les Miserables; The Hobbit; Life of Pi


If you'd like to profile one of these, grab it quick!  Or have a look at the full list of available Recommended Titles.  Remember, if you pick a popular title and do nothing with it for three weeks, we may let someone else take it over.


Get the inside track on one of the Tournament judges

S.J. Parris's new book, Prophecy, is published on Thursday. We've commissioned the winner of last year's Tournament, Victoria Hooper, to create a profile which we'll be featuring on the homepage the same day.  Until then, here's something to whet your appetite:


England, 1583: the reign of Queen Elizabeth I. A great conjunction of the planets heralds momentous events, fear sweeps London, conspiracies mount against the Queen, and one of Elizabeth's maids of honour is murdered inside the palace, an astrological symbol carved into her flesh. Giordano Bruno - heretic, philosopher, spy - sets out to solve the murder and expose a dangerous plot against Elizabeth before the intellectual freedoms he has come to enjoy are lost forever.


Beyond Book Drum

Residents of the UK may have enjoyed Radio 4's recent dramatisation of The Far Pavilions. You can find out more about this epic novel with Helen Skinner's detailed profile


Saturday, 5 March is World Book Night.  One million books will be given away across the UK and Ireland.  See for the 25 titles being handed out.  Three of them already have profiles on Book Drum, and several more are being profiled in the Tournament:


The Spy Who Came in From the Cold     A Fine Balance     Cloud Atlas


The Spy Who Came In From The Cold  by John Le Carré. Profile by Ann Quarterman.

A Fine Balance  by Rohinton Mistry. Profile by Jackie Bailey.

Cloud Atlas  by David Mitchell. Profile by Geoffrey Mills.