The end of the Tournament


We're rapidly approaching the end of the Tournament.  Congratulations to those who have already submitted their profiles.  For everyone else...


The Deadline

The 2011 Book Drum Tournament closes on 30 April, at midnight Pacific Time.  This translates to -

New York: 3am on 1 May

London: 8am on 1 May

Sydney: 5pm on 1 May

There will be no extensions to this deadline.  All entries should be submitted by this time. 

To submit your profile, you need to have started work on all six sections (Bookmarks, Review, Setting, Glossary, Author, Summary).  A SUBMIT button will then appear.  If you have any difficulty submitting your profile, send an email immediately to and we will do it for you.


What happens next?

The judges will review the profiles and award the eight prizes in May.  Results will be published before the end of May, and prize-winners will be notified by email.

The eight prize-winning profiles will be published immediately and featured on the homepage.

All other complete profiles will be edited and published over the course of the summer.  We will spread out the publications so that all profiles can be featured on the homepage.


What you still need to do

Read our guides to the 10 Most Common Contributor Mistakes and Creating a Winning Profile.  Is there anything else you can do to hone your profile before you submit?

Complete your personal page, including a photo of yourself and links to your blog, Facebook or Twitter.  When you win, you'll want the world to know who you are!


"Can I edit my profile after I submit it?"

You won't be able to edit your profile immediately after submission.  But after the judging you can continue to work on your profile if you wish.  And once your profile is published, you can edit and update it whenever you like.


And if you've barely started...

There's still time to build a slim but perfectly-formed profile!  If you've got nothing else to do this week you might just make it.  But if not, don't give up!  We'd still love to see your profile on Book Drum, even if it doesn't make the Tournament deadline.  The most popular selection on Book Drum, Amy Blakeney's profile of The Reader, was begun during the last Tournament back in 2009.  She finished it a month ago, and it was absolutely worth the wait.  We're happy to help with any profile, any time - just drop us a mail at


Good luck everyone, and thank you for taking part.