Introducing the Drum Book Club


We're always keen to try something new, and next month we're launching the Drum Book Club, where Book Drum contributors can read and profile a book together.

We've found that contributors love creating bookmarks, glossary items and Setting places, but taking on an entire profile can be a daunting task.  So let's try creating one together!  The Drum Book Club will choose a well known book every few months and invite contributions to any part of the profile.  Every bookmark, review and Setting place will be credited individually to its contributor.

Our first book will be Edith Wharton's The Age of Innocence. Published in 1920, it won the Pulitzer Prize the following year, and its tale of high society love and loss in 1870s New York has been setting romantic hearts fluttering ever since. We will use the Oxford World's Classics edition (9780199540013) to set the page numbers, but you can read any edition including the free Gutenberg ebook available online.

Start reading it now, and in two weeks' time we'll open the profile to contributions.  We'd love to see as many people as possible add something... even if it's just a single well-crafted bookmark.


 Order a copy now:

The Age of Innocence (Oxford World's Classics) (UK)

The Age of Innocence (Oxford World's Classics) (USA)



The Map is "addictive", "awesome", "cool", "dangerous"


We've had a wonderful response to the Book Drum World Map  – the first crowd-sourced literary map ever created.  Below are just some of the articles, blogs and tweets about it:


The Guardian:  What a dangerous, dangerous website. I can tell I am going to have to limit my time on Book Drum's new literary map or I'm really not going to get anything done at all                Read the full article here


The Independent: we join a number of book geeks in our addiction to Book Drum's new global map of literary stars and scenes

@randomhouse: Exploring the world book map: /via @GuardianBooks Tomorrow's headline: publishers' productivity plummets.

The New Yorker: Add your own references to this neat crowd-sourced interactive literary map

January Magazine: nothing is likely to touch us in our reading life as acutely as the Book Drum World Map

@penguinusa: Find your next geographically-inspired read w/this interactive literary map

@jonnygeller (agent):  I Love this!

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@DGALitAgents:   This is amazing!

@justine_jordan (Guardian deputy books editor): A fine idea

@missoulalibrary:  Awesome!

@literarytravelr:  So addictive!

@johnmurrays:  Book Drum literary map a very good Friday distraction

@nzbookcouncil:  @bookdrum has created a wonderful Google Earth interactive literary map. Anyone can contribute - let's get NZ up there!

@InterlinkBooks:  Amazing world map

@SusySaki:  The very, very addictive Book Drum literary world map :)

@ScribblingCynic:  The literary world just got smaller - This is so. freaking. cool.

@emperorsclothes (author): Oh, how lovely!

@Jimmy329 (agent): This is great! Ok, your fault that I'm not reading a ms for the next ten minutes.

@Eviewyld (prize-winning author): amazing!

@LucyACarson (agent): it's one of my fave links

@TCT_CultureTrip:  Things we like: @BookDrum's literary map of the world (we are still kicking ourselves we didn't think of it first)

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@alisonflood (Guardian):  it is a GORGEOUS site!

@francescamain  (editorial director at Picador): Ooo, cool!

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@VennLibrarian  This has probably been all over the twitterverse already, but WOW: The Book Drum World Map is so cool

@Klaus_Nomi  Cool!

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@lyndsay_wheble  This is amazing

@KirazliKoy:  World map pinpointing the settings for great books, how cool is this

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@KC_Woolf:  I ♥ this site

@bendinthesky:  A genius literary map of the world

@JohnWilwol:  Aaand there goes the afternoon.

@LilyAlexandrova: drool...

@tolwendigo:  LOVE IT

@lamentesonoio:  L’ultima meraviglia

@SYPConference11:  Amazing

@Cat_Button:  Awesome interactive book map of the world That's the rest of the afternoon gone then. Oops.

@michellerichmon: Loving the map

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@cinemabianchini: è interessante questa cosa delle mappe!

@penguinchina  It is such a cool idea. We will definitely get to work placing some titles in China as soon as we can!


If you still haven't tried it, you'll find the Map here:  But be warned... it's addictive!



New Profiles Published

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The Summer Before the Storm by Gabriele Wills. Profile by the author

Picking Cotton by Jennifer Thompson-Cannino, Erin Torneo and Ronald Cotton. Profile by the Freshman Composition class of Debbie O'Neal at East Carolina University, Greenville, NC