Aux armes, citoyens! A call to action from the Drum Book Club


Everyone we speak to loves A Tale of Two Cities.  And so they should: it's an extraordinary story, thrilling and brilliantly moving at the same time.  But we're not making much progress profiling it for the Drum Book Club.  We'd like to publish the profile in time for World Book Night on 23 April, but we need your help!  So if you're a fan of the book and you have time to write a couple of short pieces for the profile, please log in as soon as you can and help us build a profile worthy of this masterpiece.  You don't need to have contributed anything before – anyone can add to the profile.


We still need:

A description of late 18th century London

A description of late 18th century Paris

A brief account of the French Revolution

A 500-word summary of the story

At least one review (allons! you love this Tale!)

A variety of fascinating bookmarks (see the full list of suggestions here)

Read the book online here

Get involved!  It's a lot of fun...