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Born just outside London, Andrew Copestake is a child of the 70s, that non-decade that saw him flee his suburban upbringing on a bus bound for Istanbul. Although he has rarely looked back, he has occasionally settled; for a year in Barcelona during its Olympic reign; in London to study Creative Writing, first under Hanif Kureishi at the Royal Court Theatre and later at London's Metropolitan Univeristy (where he achieved a BA First Class Hons and won a small prize for fiction), He hopes one day to make use of this education and get stuck in writing a novel. For ten years he was both the Travel and Film Editors of a UK national magazine which saw him travel further. He has walked on the ice caps of Greenland, been spat on by elephants, hugged a koala and looked down the jaws of a cottonmouth. In 2007 he finally made it to Patagonia, clutching his beloved, battered Chatwin (the book, not the man). Now a freelance writer, journalist and editor, his work has appeared in various scurrilous and esteemed newspapers, magazines, guide books and websites.