Emily Gray

Emily is a researcher for the Oxford English Dictionary, where she contributes to the first major revision in over a century and endeavours to work on as many expletives as possible. She has a degree in English from Oxford University and an MA in Critical and Creative Writing from the University of Sussex. In her spare time, she enjoys creating artwork, and has produced cover designs for various local bands, as well as for Book Drum's e-books. Book Drum's homepage is also her handiwork. She contributes spoken word pieces for the Colorado-based band, Distant Correspondent, described by the music press as "dream pop", though she prefers her father's summation of "depressive". Emily has been involved in several bands and has played gigs in Oxford, London, Chicago, New York, on the roof of a theatre in Georgia and in a disused airport at a communist festival in Italy. Her proudest moment, though, is probably when her first band, Meanwhile, back in Communist Russia..., were identified as having the fifteenth worst band name of all time on Radio 1's Mark and Lard show.