Sarah Farman

Sarah is a British artist, writer and researcher who lived in Alberta, Canada 2005-10 to work on an oral history project making filmed interviews and archiving data with members of the Blackfeet tribe in Montana. She also taught Creative Writing in Canada and some of her poetry was published in an Albertan regional anthology in 2008. She set up a small breed preservation project for Foundation Spanish Mustangs, brought five of the horses with her to live in France in 2010 then returned to the UK in 2013. She continues working on various writing/research projects. Sarah is an unashamed book addict and drawn to bookshops, both high street and online, like a moth to a candle. She will never accept that one can have too many books and reads arts, history, poetry, political thrillers, classics, likes going to art galleries and theatres. In 2014 she wrote and published "THE UNIMAGINED JOURNEY - Montana and other homelands with Spanish Mustangs" A narrative with text and images (photographs, sketches and designs) of the author’s personal journey from England to Montana in the American West where she discovered Spanish Mustangs, to the prairie of Western Canada then home to Europe with the horses.