David Williams

David Williams grew up as one of seven children in a mining community in the North East of England, a childhood he has written about with humour and affection in his popular collection of short stories 'We Never Had It So Good', published by Zymurgy. While pursuing a varied career in teaching, entertainments, marketing and management development, eventually leading to the formation of his own successful company, David has also been a prolific free-lance writer, with many plays broadcast by the BBC, books and plays published by top education publishers in the UK, Australia, Germany and Scandinavia, and many credits as a writer and format creator for popular TV and radio quiz and game shows. A member of The Society of Authors, David Williams is a regular contributor to the Society's magazine 'The Author' and writes occasionally for other magazines and periodicals. He has also written and produced educational and training videos, DVDs and software. David often performs at public readings, festivals, workshops and seminars. A's Close As You Are To Me' is David's latest novel, published by Wild Wolf. His thriller '11:59' and his historical novel about the railway pioneers 'Mr Stephenson's Regret' both reached the semi-final stage of the Amazon Breakthrough Novel Award and have garnered high praise from critics and readers alike. The Kindle version of '11:59' reached Number 1 spot in the UK thriller charts and Number 4 in the USA. David Williams has been married to schooldays sweetheart Paula ‘for years and years’. The couple have three grown-up children and three grandchildren, with more on the way. When not deep in writing or research David indulges his passion for snooker, demonstrating without shame a huge gap between enthusiasm and ability.


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