"that I decorated those rooms with Morris stuffs and Arundel prints"

Morris stuffs are fabrics designed by William Morris (1834-1896), an influential English textile designer and one of the founders of the Arts and Crafts Movement.


Tulip and Willow design
Public DomainTulip and Willow design - Credit: William Morris
Artichoke design
Public DomainArtichoke design - Credit: William Morris
Columbine or Bluebell design
Public DomainColumbine or Bluebell design - Credit: William Morris

Arundel prints were produced by The Arundel Society for Promoting the Knowledge of Art, in existence between 1848 and 1897. The Society was formed in memory of Thomas Howard, 2nd Earl of Arundel, a renowned collector of works of art. John Ruskin, Sir Henry Austen Layard and Sir George Scharf were influential members of the Society, whose aim was to reproduce important literary and artistic works in order to improve public taste and provide guidelines for the work of contemporary artists.