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New York and transatlantic ocean liners
The Plaza Hotel, NYC - in existence in the 1930's
Public DomainThe Plaza Hotel, NYC - in existence in the 1930's - Credit: Infratec, Wikimedia Commons

When Charles is re-united with his wife Celia following his painting trip in South America, the couple stay at a hotel in New York City before sailing for Southampton on a transatlantic ocean liner.

One of the best known transatlantic liners was the Queen Mary, which belonged to the Cunard-White Star line. She made her maiden voyage in 1936, so may have been the ship that Evelyn Waugh had in mind for Charles and Celia's Atlantic crossing.


R.M.S. Queen Mary, c.1938
Creative Commons AttributionR.M.S. Queen Mary, c.1938 - Credit: Lamerie
Postcard of the RMS Queen Mary
Creative Commons AttributionPostcard of the RMS Queen Mary - Credit: Tom, Flickr