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Brideshead Castle
Castle Howard
Creative Commons AttributionCastle Howard - Credit: Paul Stevenson, Flickr


According to a letter from Sebastian to Charles, Brideshead Castle (the seat of the Flyte family) is in the county of Wiltshire, in southwest England. 

There are no further references to Wiltshire in the novel, nor any evidence that Evelyn Waugh based his portrait of Brideshead Castle on any particular house in that county.

It has been suggested, in fact, that Brideshead was based on two different houses: Madresfield Court in Worcestershire (the chapel of which is almost certainly the model for the chapel at Brideshead) and Castle Howard in North Yorkshire.

Madresfield Court was the family home of the Lygon family, who were close friends of Waugh. Hugh Lygon, the younger son, was a contemporary of Waugh's at Oxford, and is said to be a model for Sebastian.


Madresfield Court
Creative Commons Attribution Share AlikeMadresfield Court - Credit: Bob Embleton, Wikimedia Commons