Page 181. " He returned to his room and took Antonia out of her case "
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A Mandolin
Creative Commons Attribution Share AlikeA Mandolin - Credit: Henrik Sendelbach
Finally, nearly halfway through the book, Captain Correlli's mandolin makes her first appearance.   A member of the lute family, the mandolin is plucked or strummed.  Many different sizes and styles of mandolin are found across the world.  Later, Correlli reveals that his mandolin is a roundback from Naples.  



  A plectrum is a small piece of bone or metal used to pluck the strings.

Page 182. " This capricious beast had been trained to caracole "
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Public DomainCaracole
A caracole is a half turn to left or right on a horse.  It was developed in the 16th century to enable cavalrymen to use pistols.  In ranks, they would turn to one side to fire one pistol, then turn to the other to fire the second.

Page 185. " Not just Vivaldi and Hummel, but even Beethoven "
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Vivaldi Mandolin Concerto in C Major - Largo

Beethoven Andante with Variations in D Major

Page 186. " Cascades of chorded and unchorded semiquavers that left Pelagia open-mouthed "
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Listen on Spotify:  Persichini Polka

Page 188. " I am playing one of Hummel's Concertos for Mandolin "
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Listen on Spotify:  Hummel Mandolin Concerto in G Major - Allegro Moderato

Page 189. " There was one group, however, called ELAS "
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Aris Velouchiotis
Creative Commons AttributionAris Velouchiotis - Credit: PIAZZA del POPOLO, Flickr

Ellinikos Laïkos Apeleftherotikos Stratos (ELAS: the National Popular Liberation Army) began operations against Italian and German forces on 7 th June, 1942.   Led by Athanasios Klaras, who called himself Aris Velouchiotis, ELAS was a communist organisation which quickly grew in strength and popularity, achieving a force of over 60,000 partisans.