"How could Papa Song stand on a plinth in Chongmyo Plaza Papa Song's and walk the Xultation's beaches at the same time? "
Jongmyo Shrine: A UNESCO World Heritage Site
Creative Commons Attribution Share AlikeJongmyo: A UNESCO World Heritage Site - Credit: Jongmyo Jeyreak, flickr

Chongmyo or Jongmyo is an ancient shrine in Seoul, a building dedicated to memorial services for the long buried kings and queens of Korea. Built in 1394 it was one of the longest buildings in Asia, although it had to be built again in 1601 when the Japanese torched it during the Seven-Year War. That the Chongmyo Plaza has been built in place of the former shrine indicates a society desperate to bury the past under its new traditions. Ironically the new Chongmyo remains a shrine, just in altered form: it acts as a shrine to commerce as well as burial place for the living dead fabricants.