"'Twixt Feltro and Feltro shall his nation be"

(Canto 1, line 105)

The word "Feltro" constitutes a rather unguessable riddle with many different interpretations. Ancient commentaries tell us that "Feltro" is a type of coarse fabric used for clothing by Franciscan monks, by which logic Dante seems to say that the "Greyhound" will be chosen among Franciscan monks. Other older commentaries think that "'Twixt Feltro and Feltro" should be interpreted as "between heaven and heaven". Still others believe that Dante is referring to the geographical area between the town Feltre in Veneto and the region Montefeltro in Romagna. This would mean that the saviour Greyhound could be the same Cangrande della Scala mentioned in an earlier bookmark, whose territories included Verona, Vicenza, Padua, Belluno and Feltre. Lastly, some modern commentators think that "Feltro" was a fabric used in the fashioning of ballot boxes, and that the "Greyhound" therefore would be democratically elected.