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The Duke of Yorks Theatre
The Duke of Yorks Theatre
Creative Commons Attribution Share AlikeThe Duke of Yorks Theatre - Credit: Colin Smith @ Wikimedia Commons

The Duke of Yorks Theatre, originally the Trafalgar Square Theatre, opened on September 10, 1892. Two years later it became known as the Trafalgar Theatre, and in 1895 became the Duke of York's to honour the future King George V. It was the first theatre to stage Peter Pan or, as it was called then, The Boy Who Wouldn't Grow Up.

Aside from being the launching pad for Barrie's most famous work, it has another claim to fame: the production of David Belasco's Madame Butterfly was seen by Puccini in this theater, and one of the world's most famous operas was born. Another actor to grace its stage, was Sir Basil Rathbone, who will never be forgotten as the quintessential Sherlock Holmes.