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Houma, Lousiana

Houma has a population of 32,393 people (2000). Houma is named after the Houmas Indian tribe and was founded in 1834. Houma boasts a square mileage of 14.2 miles.

Houma is known for its Cajun culture. Many residents are shrimpers, fishermen, and even trappers like Grandpere Jack. Careers in the oil industry are becoming more popular, showing that the Tates were very ahead of their time. Dancing and swamp tours are popular attractions in the city.

Spanish Moss
Creative Commons AttributionSpanish Moss - Credit: Daniel Mayer

Spanish moss runs rampant in this part of Louisana, especially close to the bayou. Ruby makes mention of it many times. 

Ruby is constantly referring to the cypress trees that inhabit the area she lives in. Cypress trees are found near the bayou.

Cypress Trees
GNU Free Documentation LicenseCypress Trees - Credit: Jan Kronsell

Hurricanes do strike Houma, just as they do in the Landry series. Hurricane Gustav hit Houma on September 1, 2008. Electricity loss and damage occurred for many residents.


Public DomainHouma - Credit: FEMA

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