Page 251. " The strange thing about the dog is that it did not bark, my dear Watson. "

From Silver Blaze, one of the Sherlock Holmes short stories from British author Sir Arthur Conan Doyle.

Page 258. " with a blue bag of cinnamon rolls "

These sugary sweet culinary delights appear as frequently in these crime novels as the doughnut does in the numerous American crime stories. They were in fact invented in Sweden.

Page 261. " He put on the C.D. player and listened to Debbie Harry singing “Maria”. "

This was the single that launched Blondie’s reformation/come back album of 1999 titled No Exit.  They are an incredibly influential American punk group led by Debbie Harry.

Page 266. " He had a second-hand Mac iBook 500, white, with a 35cm screen. "
Page 275. " The first to call was a reporter from Aftonbladet, an old friend. "