Page 226. " He's selling his leg "

The International Committee of the Red Cross has had a presence in Afghanistan since 1987.  During that time, the ICRC has carried out a broad range of humanitarian activities, including supplying and fitting prosthetic limbs.  So far, they have treated over 32,000 amputees.



Page 232. " as succulent and delicious as I remembered "


Lamb Kebab
Creative Commons AttributionLamb Kebab - Credit: Rexipe, Flickr
Afghan Lamb Kebab Recipe


Page 235. " red trucks entered the playing field "

Stadium Execution
Public DomainStadium Execution
In 2001, Saira Shah and James Miller made an extraordinary film for Britain's Channel 4 Dispatches series.  Beneath the Veil brought to the world's attention the horrendous executions taking place in Kabul stadium with unprecedented footage secretly captured.  The condemned women in burqas are transported in a red truck to the centre of the pitch where they are executed.

The film, available in five parts on YouTube, also includes excellent images and analysis of Afghanistan under the Taliban rule.





Page 245. " Pashtu music filled the room "

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Page 246. " a slice of heaven "

Creative Commons Attribution Share AlikeRockingham - Credit: RAM, Wikimedia Commons
 Rockingham is effectively a suburb of Perth, lying 46 km southwest of the Western Australia capital. 

It's not clear why Hosseini picked this very average Australian town to praise.  Does he have a personal connection perhaps?