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Creative Commons AttributionHeidelberg - Credit: Ralf Schulze

 Heidelberg is a large, densely populated city located in South-West Germany. It is a very popular tourist destination, largely because of its long history and ties to Romanticism. Parts of the city date back to the 5th Century, and the University (established 1386) and the original library (1421) are the oldest in Germany.  

Heidelberg Castle
Creative Commons Attribution Share AlikeHeidelberg Castle - Credit: Przemysław Grudnik

The old town lies on the southern bank of the River Neckar, with Heidelberg Castle above. Part of the castle dates back to the 15th Century; despite sustaining serious damage over time, restoration and preservation work have allowed the site to be used for cultural events, including an annual summer festival. 

River Neckar, Heidelberg
Creative Commons Attribution Share AlikeRiver Neckar, Heidelberg - Credit: 3268zauber

Although it suffered some damage during the war, the city was never subjected to Allied bombing. Consequently the University was able to reopen almost immediately after the end of WW2. 

Heidelberg University Library
Creative Commons Attribution Share AlikeHeidelberg University Library - Credit: Jan Beckendorf

Heidelberg is twinned with Cambridge, UK.