"the centaur, the chimera"
Public DomainCentaur - Credit: Pearson Scott Foresman

A centaur is a creature of ancient Greek mythology, with the torso of a human joined at the waist to a horse.  Centaurs are portrayed in many Greek myths as wild as untamed horses. Contests with the Centaurs typify the struggle between civilization and barbarism.

Bellerophon killing Chimaera
Public DomainBellerophon killing Chimaera - Credit: Rhodes archaeological museum
The Chimera in Greek mythology is a monstrous fire-breathing, three headed creature, comprising the head and body of a lioness, with the head of a goat rising out of its back, and a serpent or a dragon as a tail.  The term chimera has come to describe any mythical animal with parts taken from various animals.