"Drew Priam's curtains in the dead of night "
La consternation de la famille Priam
Public DomainLa consternation de la famille Priam - Credit: Étienne-Barthélémy Garnier, musée des Beaux-Arts d'Angoulême, France

Priam was king of Troy during the Trojan War.  His son Paris (one of 50 sons and many daughters) caused the Trojan War, while his daughter Cassandra predicted it.  Priam was killed during the Sack of Troy. 

The quote is from Shakespeare’s King Henry IV, Part II (Act I. Scene 1):

Such a man, so faint, so spiritless,

So dull, so dead in look, so woe-begone,

Drew Priam’s curtain in the dead of night,

And would have told him, half his Troy was burn'd.