Baldaquin (239)
A canopy over an alter or throne as a symbol of royalty or high authority
Batteries (100)
Set or unit of guns in the military
Benediction (118)
An invocation for blessing and/or guidance from a divine being.
Billet (146)
Lodging for a soldier, student, etc., as in a private home or nonmilitary public building
Bon Ami (147)
French for "Good Friend"
Chemise (3)
A woman’s loose-fitting undergarment or nightdress
Conserves (239)
A candied fruit, preserved by coating in sugar; a preserve
Dram (79)
An ancient unit of measure, now equal to 1/8 of a fluid ounce
Fête (60)
An outside feast, festival, or party sometimes with religious meanings
Litany (252)
The form or use of prayer in Christian worship.
Mantilla (266)
A short, light scarf or cloak worn over the head and shoulders
Martinet (11)
A strict disciplinarian. The word comes from a strict French officer from the 17th century named Jean Martinet. Martinet focused on discipline and strict adherence to rules to create an imposing French army during the 17th century.
Non-Com (6)
A non-commissioned officer
Pettifogging (22)
Placing emphasis on trivial details
Placate (225)
To pacify or appease, especially by concessions
Quid (20)
A portion of something, especially tobacco, that is to be chewed not swallowed.
Saxon (235)
Member of the old Germanic people. In this case, he would be referring to a modern German.